Welcome to the





 I am very happy to be here today.

My name is Maier Silvia from Austria and my bears are under the artist name

Maisi-Baeren known.

I´ve been tying and sewing teddy bears for over 10 years and

I´m always happy when I design a new bear and he looks at me.

I have already won many prizes with them.

Every teddy is unique, designed by me and 

crocheted or sewn.

I love mink-imitate, viscose and longpile for my bears

and I love to crocheted my teddybears.


For this Show, I sewed little miniatur teddies ...

I designed and sewed big bears,

and crocheted Teddys too.


For this Show I have made both sewn miniatures and 

crocheted bears, and brand new also large bears.

I have of course gathered new ideas for this show.

 I hope you like them.

if you have any questions please write to me at:


Now have fun while looking and maybe

may a bear child travel to you?

!!!  INFO  !!!

due to the virus and the war in the Ukraine,

shipping may take a little longer!!!


I am a big sewn Teddy


Elisa 9.4 inches






I am a sewn Miniature


Camon 5.1 inches




I am crocheted and sewn


Karen 7.8 inches


I am a big sewn Teddy


Gabriel 9.8 inches




I am crocheted and sewn


Fino 7 inches





I am a sewn Miniature


Annabel 4.7 inches



I am a sewn Teddy


Famos 6.6 inches








Thank you for   visiting my page! 




 If you still have questions about one of the bears or you want to know something else,

 just write to me at:

E-Mail:   maisibaeren@gmail.com



If you buy a bear, I will ship it immediately on the next day.

For Europe is a delivery time of about one week to 10 days.

It takes about 14 days to reach the USA

The shipping is of course insured!


Love from Maier Silvia and

the Maisi-Baeren










 Handmade Teddybears by   

                        Maier Silvia                          

  Hollerwies 1     

4625 Offenhausen